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Amoir Camaira is a Luxury brand of Designer Swimwear created to offer women everywhere the finest selection of tailored swimming costumes guaranteed to turn heads whilst giving style and comfort by the pool, beach or bar.

The debut collection uses vibrant, shimmering colours and contrasting gold statement accessories; tailored with soft but structured materials. The designs have a presence of ’high life’ with the class and elegance that’s found in the World’s most precious, hidden paradises where the most glamorous and sophisticated ‘Fashionistas’ can be found.

There is a story behind every stitch, cut, twist and fold. Inspiration for these glamorous pieces of resort wear are gathered from far and wide; with French, Italian and American influences; whilst firmly retaining their elegant English heritage – the birthplace of this unique and stunning collection.

Amoir Camaira’s determination and vision to produce the highest quality in their brand, has been the driving force behind this debut collection; which was released in 2014.  Their designs promise comfort and the finest quality so that your holiday and special moments in life can be just as perfect as the bikini you wear.

With a variety of cuts available, there is a practical purpose for each design. So whether you are sunbathing, playing, swimming or just being ‘Fabulous’ then this mix and match collection will offer you something for every type of day by the water.

Feeling your best about your bikini body is paramount, so feeling the best about your bikini is high on the list too, and every care has been taken to make each costume perfect. Where possible, stitches are hidden and elastic is added for that important feeling of support.

Beautiful jewellery and double lined Italian fabric are what will set you apart wherever you choose to spend your holiday.

By choosing to wear an Amoir Camaira design, you will be choosing a luxury piece which is tailored with soft, structured materials that have been specially sourced from the fashion capitals of Europe. To honour this, your beautiful costume has been purposely named to represent the inspiration, dedication and journey that has taken place to lovingly create it especially
for You!